Come explore familiar and unexpected views of the microscopic world with these colorized images from electron microscopes at the University of Hawaii. To begin, please click any image to enlarge and learn more.

    Everyday insects from our lives     

See close up views of the insects we often see in our lives and around our homes.

Black Ant    House Fly    Honeybee    Fruit Fly    Fly Face    More Bugs


    Denizens of the invisible empire

Insects we rarely see - and (perhaps) wish we never do.

Mosquito    Darth Termite    Roach    Bedbug    Roach Too
Aphid    Cat Flea    Jumping Spider    Head Louse    More   


   Always a part of you

Most living things are made up of one or more cells. These are different cells from throughout our bodies.

Cells    Neuron    Red Blood Cells    Capillary    More


   Grows on you

Microscopic organisms that are parasites, and other cells.

Mold    Bacteria    Leptospira    Penicillum    More Stuff


   SEM antics - some things you'll never see

Miscellaneous views of fascinating patterns and unlikely shapes.

Spores    Termite    Fly Gland    Love Pollen    More Antics


   Under the sea

Some of the beautiful creatures that live in our oceans.

Lucifer    Crab Larva    Tubeworm    Tiny Shell    More Marine


   Copepods rule the earth

These small planktonic crustaceans form one of the major links of the marine food web.

Gaussia    Pleuromamma    Sensory setae


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