Hartline Lab Research - Details

Physiologically-accurate computer modeling

This area of research has progressed over time from fairly simple models of neurons and network interactions to increasingly more complex and realistic ones:

Computational characteristics of neuritic trees

(Collaboration with Dr. Katherine Graubard, Dept. of Zoology, University of Washington)
Synaptic inputs to one part of a typically multiply-branched neuritic tree are subject to several types of modification as they spread to other parts of the cell. The modifications they undergo potentially differ significantly among various synaptic output sites and the spike-initiating regions ("trigger zones") of the cell. This research focus attempts to understand what sorts of signal transformations occur in real neurons by applying modeling techniques to reconstructed STG cells. The approach is briefly as follows:

Space clamp errors in extended neurons

This project is developing approaches for assessing and correcting errors in voltage clamp experiments that arise from a lack of perfect space clamp.

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