(AKA "Topics in nerve/muscle physiology")

This seminar meeting explores comparative and evolutionary aspects of the nervous sytem as components of biodiversity in the broad sense, in keeping with PBRC's focus on biodiversity research, training and outreach. Open to all interested students, faculty, postdocs, visitors, etc.

FALL 2022

Transcriptomic phenotyping in nervous systems, behavior and physiological ecology

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Low-cost high throughput transcriptional profiling techniques have opened paths to the rapid assessment of physiological state of individual cells, tissues, organisms and populations. It has revealed previously unguessed numbers of cell types in the brain, different cell populations within other tissue, facilitating creation of atlases of neuronal populations, helped elucidate networks of interacting genes and complex multi-gene response to environmental and disease conditions and promises to allow in-depth assessment of stress, stressors, nutritional health and resource exploitation history of individuals and populations in both natural and experimental conditions. The seminar will revolve around participants reading of and leading discussions on recent transcriptomics literature from areas related to the participant's own interest. It will not be limited to neural tissue but rather will attempt to identify a diversity of potential valuable applications for this promising and challenging technology. While offered typically as a 1-credit graduate seminar, other well-prepared participants are welcome.

General information:
Simultaneously serving as a graduate seminar course (Zoology 712), officially enrolled students are given priority in choice of subjects for presentations. Students enrolled for a letter grade will have their grade dependent on their knowledgeable participation in the discussions and their presentations. Ordinarily one graduate credit will be given for enrollment.

Meetings in Bekesy Lab Rm. 103A

First meeting Wednesday August 24, 2022 2:00-3:00 PM
Students interested in enrolling, and for any questions, please contact Dan Hartline (danh at hawaii dot edu)

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