Links to data for Hartlenz lab projects

Updated December 9, 2014

Data locators for raw data published by the Hartline-Lenz labs

Please contact Dan Hartline (danh at pbrc dot hawaii dot edu) to inquire about access to the data

NSF Data-management Plan Postings

Folowing are descriptions (including links, where available) to raw research-project data available under NSF data management requirements. DISCLAIMER - these are raw data and may be out of the context needed for proper interpretation. While valid to the best of our knowedge and belief, these have not been reviewed for accuracy, and no warranty is made as to such. They are made available for non-profit scientific and educational use only, not for commercial use without permission. Clicking any of these links constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of these tems of use. All images are copyrighted and their use in publications must obtain the permission of the copyright owner: