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1962 Founded as an organized research unit with Windsor Cutting as director.
1965 Launches University of Hawaii School of Medicine.
1966 Director Terence Rogers secures National Science Foundation funds to build Kewalo Marine Laboratory.
1972 Kewalo Marine Laboratory completed at Point Panic.
1973 Director Frederick Greenwood’s interdisciplinary focus includes initiative that evolves into the Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i.
1974 Incorporates the Békésy Laboratory of Neurobiology.
1976 Produces the first gene cloned in Hawai‘i.
1978 MARC honors program expands federally-funded research opportunities for minority undergraduates started four years earlier with Haumana Biomedical Program.
1980 Genetic engineering conference lays groundwork for molecular biology spinoffs Hawai‘i Biotechnology Group, Inc. (1982) and Neugenesis, Inc. (1992).
1981 Federal funds secured for a minority high school biomedical research training program.
1984 Hawaiian Evolutionary Biology Program established.
1986 Awarded first of four 5-year federal RCMI grants to support cellular, neuro-behavioral and molecular biology research and support facilities.
1989 State’s first basic and clinical AIDS research programs created.
1993 Center for Conservation Research and Training established.
1995 Professor Ian Gibbons’ research earns the International Prize in Biology.
1998 Expands undergraduate, graduate and K–12 teacher mentoring opportunities; launches Specialized Neuroscience Research Program and Center of Clinical Research Excellence.
2001 Receives federal funds for a Cardiovascular Research Center and Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network.
2003 Reaffirmed as an independent UH research unit; transfers some clinical programs to the School of Medicine.

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